Roger Waters’ Black Fender Stratocaster


During the “Us and Them” Tour, Roger has been playing what appears to be a vintage Fender Stratocaster on a few tracks. There isn’t much information online, but it’s clearly a well-worn instrument, which if it’s a genuine Fender, suggests either a custom shop model or a real vintage instrument. There doesn’t seem to be a CS logo in pictures, so my bet would be on the latter.


The small headstock and Transition logo suggest a 60’s instrument, earlier than the large headstock came in (very late ’65). To my knowledge, Fender don’t produce anything like this guitar at the moment.



UPDATE 10/10/2017

Gus Seyfert, who worked on “Is This The Life We Really Want”, and toured on the “Us and Them” tour with Roger, often posts gear pictures on his Instagram page.

It would seem that both this Stratocaster and the interesting bass I posted about a little while ago belong to him.



The Aves USA and Canada tour diary

Years after the fact, I have finally gotten around to uploading my video diary for our 2012 tour to YouTube. If you like seeing a jet lagged band pass out on public transport or annoy each other with a camera, you’re in for a treat.

If you’re more into the music, you can skip to part 9 to see us at Seaside Lounge┬árecording studios, Brooklyn, recording our 2012 EP “Anywhere Else”