My new album “Flowers” will be coming out shortly, and as the process nears an end, you can follow my Instagram page for some sneak peeks and updates. Not to mention a lot of other content to compliment the material on this blog.


30 Days, 30 Albums – The Challenge


I have recently begun a 30 days, 30 albums challenge, in the hope that somehow it will help me mix and master my new album, which I hope to complete in the same period.

I’m only a few days in, but I strongly recommend the challenge. It’s only by doing something like this that I remember just how little time I manage to devote to actually listening to music, and just how much I actually enjoy it. So if you feel like you need a similar epiphany, it’s an easy way  (I gather the rules don’t necessarily state that the days have to be consecutive).

I’m going to keep this site updated with the list as I go, and you can follow me on Instagram at if you want to keep track of what I’m listening to in a more visually appealing way… Maybe you’ll get some ideas of your own!

Finally, below is a sample of the pre-master copy of the first track from the new, upcoming album “Flowers”. Enjoy!

Breaking into the YouTube market

Well, I finally got around to posting a bunch of demos for my next couple of albums to YouTube. You can find them on my channel at

Here’s my personal favourite, written to a beat and written around lyrics that came first, both pretty unusual practices for me.

“We’re nothing more than tinker’s toys, drawn up from a chart.

Wind us up and let us go. Watch us fall apart.”

Radio Adelaide Interview – Feb 29 2016

For those of you who might find yourselves in need of something to listen to as the seasons change, I recently visited Radio Adelaide to take part in their February 29 episode of the ‘Songcatcher’ program. If you want to hear a little about my solo music and my work with the Aves, as well as getting a good few sneak peeks at the next couple of albums I’ve got planned, you can follow the link below to listen to the podcast!


Musical tracks (by name, artist and album) are

  1. “She” – Thomas Williams – Pale Blue Dot
  2. “Small World (Demo)” – Thomas Williams – The Last Leg
  3. “We Were Young” – The Aves – Good News
  4. “Tinker’s Toys (Demo)” – Thomas Williams – The Last Leg
  5. “Another Song (Demo)” – Thomas Williams – Flowers
  6. “Empty Hands (Demo)” – Thomas Williams – Flowers

The  demos can be found for free download at and tracks 1 and 3 can be purchased from iTunes, under their respective artists.