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Lyric Spotlight: “The Bottom Line” – Thomas Williams

Can you believe the news today?
Never mind the headlines, they’ve got some good deals in the breaks.
With every want and need within our reach,
The price of pleasure rises as our pleasure becomes free.

The music is wallpaper now
distraction packaged to a T, no more concepts to espouse.
Deaf dumb and blind, the children dance.
to rhythm without reason, and rhyme to meet a word count.
Nothing left to hear.
nothing left to say.
What’s good to sell is good to buy, and they won’t deviate.

I don’t hear you in the songs anymore.
The middlemen are multiplying,
their politics taints more and more.
they’ll give you your platform based on what they stand to gain,
and human beings don’t sell as well as ad campaigns.

Divide us and we fall
entertain us and we swarm
It’s the coldest kind of war
And those who sell the mortar want to build the walls.

Only beauty is capable of art.
So much for being made of starstuff, you’ve got to look the part.
It’s nothing more than waiting now.
We’ll lack the means to fight the fight,
with no-one left to show us how
and one by one the men and women who used to lead the way
fade away.

When our daughters and our sons have been diluted,
Then maybe we’ll decide to make a difference.
And perhaps our hindsight will remain just good enough
to remember how. To protect innocence.

Meanwhile, we pay the price to buy these lies.
And the rents rise.
And stars are made, and hope dies.
and the bottom line is,
it all comes down to the bottom line.

Thomas Williams, 2016


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