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Lucy and I have been watching more Fry and Laurie than usual. Not a lot, but more than usual. The others have too, but not so much and only by virtue of the fact that they live in the same space as us. Makes me want to fall down in humorous ways a lot more.


Tina and I went to Deptford today. Attempts to get there to see their vintage market led us to Greenwich, right by the O2 arena. Which was lovely, but left us with no idea where to go, or how to get there. Basically the solution we came to (which seemed to work more by accident than by design) was to walk away from the Thames until we came to a bus stop, and hope the bus went where we wanted. With the aid of a map (which by the way should be more plentiful for precisely this reason, we tourists aren’t made of getting to where we want to go with no help), we eventually found a bus that did, and were on our way to Deptford!


As I remembered while walking down the high street, Deptford was the location of the flat which Dire Straits shared while making their first album, and the location of their first gig on the same estate in 1977. Some people may be interested to know this, others likely not. I didn’t have time to dwell on these thoughts because I suddenly had to deal with a ridiculous ATM which told me I had no money, then allowed me to withdraw 80 pounds.


The Market itself was largely people selling store products from tents, but there was a large square just off of the market street which was just full of second-hand junk, which is precisely what I think a market should be full of. Fantastic. There was also a section which smelt wonderfully of fish. Also fantastic, but in a harder way to appreciate.


Half of the two of us had lunch in a small restaurant based in a rail carriage, just off the high street. It was a very nice place with great service, and what Tina let me eat of her food tasted great. We stopped to pick up some soy milk, and made our way back to the bus stop. It was more or less at this point that I suggested we might try getting to Upton Park again. Tina kindly agreed.


Not wanting to pay for unnecessary travel, we opted to walk to the nearest Tube station. This meant quite a walk in the cold, but ultimately it proved to leave us with plenty of time, and save us some money. Good idea Tina.


Tubes ran fine, and we were at Upton park quite quickly, and met with a huge body of people. From the exit stairs, it was like looking at a sea of undulating skinheads and football scarves.


The crowd didn’t thin between the tube station and the football stadium, but once we were past there, it was a veritable wasteland. Of course after a brief stop in the store I wanted to visit, and another so Tina could buy a backpack (this was actually before passing the stadium, but I forgot to write it back there and then I started writing this, and I’ll be damned if I’m going to delete all of this and put it where it belongs) we followed the heavy stream of humans back into the tube station and made our way back home.



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