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Up early again (being in England has made me think 9:00 is early). This time to go to MadameTussaudsWax Museum. Again, for varying reasons, neither Lucy nor Tasman wished to be a part of this expedition, so once more it was Tina and I going it alone (except not really because there were two of us).


Firstly, let me point out to anyone who hasn’t tried it that having a snowball fight with no gloves is the worst idea. Ours lasted the time it took me to form a snowball and then drop it in equal parts because of the coldness on my hands and the knowledge that I didn’t have the guts to throw it at Tina’s face as I’d intended anyway. This proved to be one of those days when the tubes ran perfectly, and so we were soon at Baker Street station, making our way into the Museum.


We were less than successful trying to use the two for one ticket this time. They wouldn’t believe us when we told them we must have lost our tickets (possibly because we were lying barefacedly), and so eventually we had to give in and pay the full twenty eight pounds each.


The actual experience of being in a confined space, surrounded on all sides by wax figures proved less intimidating than it had seemed. The images from the first hall make it look like we met quite a few A-list celebrities, but they were all sweating profusely.


One of my favourite parts of the entire museum was the fact that in the middle of a merry-go-round on the Spirit of Britain ride populated by generic waxworks, there was a wax figure of actor David Jason for apparently no reason.


Another odd thing was the fact that the last exhibition was entirely devoted to Marvel cartoon characters, which was supremely strange after the lack of fictional characters throughout the rest of the museum. There was also a ‘4d’ film as part of the conclusion to this exhibition, which was different and quite cool. Though I would argue that spraying water on the audience doesn’t constitute an extra dimension.


Then shops of all kinds following the museum. Rock and roll shop, Beatles shop, Chess shop and lunch in Chinatown after stopping for just long enough for Tina to drop her iPhone, smash the screen and cut her thumb open on it.


I have finally gotten the hang of using chopsticks. Not well, but that’s something which will, I presume, come in time. It turns out that all I’ve needed over all these years was someone to show me how to do it instead of encouraging me to ask for a fork instead.


We made a quick stop off at the Forbidden Planet store on Shaftesbury Avenue, and rushed home so Tina could pick up her ticket and join the others for their Arcade Fire concert that night.


So, they all went out to that, and my own day ended with the movie Mickey Blue Eyes, playing on channel E4. Classic.


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