Home » Band Stuff » Band Diary: London » 19/11/2010


Friday, the best day of the week for vintage shopping!


Decided I would have a day away from everyone else, so I looked up some vintage clothes shops I might fancy visiting. In a flash, everyone decided to come along!


Despite the emphasis I put on this activity by using so many exclamation marks (one, I suppose) in the previous paragraph, not really much to say about it. Most people who give their clothes to thrift shops seem to be incredibly fat or have terrible dress sense or both, so I didn’t buy anything.


A more interesting thing which I suspect I hitherto have forgotten to mention is the fact that I have been sleeping on the couch every night, because Tasman apparently can’t fit in the bed we’re supposed to share unless he’s diagonal. We both seem happy with the arrangement. One problem is that one of the cats has taken to waiting until I’m asleep, then curling into a ball and sleeping in the small of my back. Since I sleep on my chest, this is getting to be a bit of a pain as I’m woken up every morning by a sore back or claws in my back or a cat jumping on my back. Makes for a good story though.


Had another gig tonight. This one at the Cavendish arms in Vauxhall. For a change, not all of the other bands were terrible. In fact, two of the others were exceptionally good. Also, Bartender gave us a free bowl of chips for a copy of a demo CD, so it’s not all bad.


I leave you by shedding some doubts (is that a real expression?) on the intelligence of our band. Between us, we were unable to work out how to tie a self-tying bow tie in twenty minutes of trying. 


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