Home » Band Stuff » Band Diary: London » 15/11/2010


I’ve been trying to take photos on my phone every day, but I checked them this morning, and it turns out I’ve just been Photographing Big Ben once a day. One day I ‘photoed’ the eye as well, but a substantial amount of the frame is still taken up by Big Ben.


Went to Baker Street today. Turns out it’s just a normal Street. No more Sleuths than usual. Not even any more Bakers than usual. Took a lot of pictures of signs saying ‘Baker Street’ because they were the most interesting thing. Madame Tussauds is right there though, so we’ll probably make our way back there at some point.


Also went to Lords cricket ground, where they wouldn’t let us in, and Abbey Rd, where we shamelessly took one of those photos that everyone in the world wants to take. We were beeped by a Bentley for being on the crossing too long, but the driver was quite old, and if he hadn’t yet learned not to take a road where tourists stand in the middle being photographed all day, every day, in the great many years he must have spent on this planet, I feel it was his own fault.


Starting to quite like eating Quorn.


Oh, and my pharyngitis has been fine for almost two weeks, but I forgot to mention it because I’m in England. 


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