Home » Band Stuff » Band Diary: London » 10/11/2010


The people on the streets in this country seem to be far less noisy. Walking down the street in Adelaide, it’s hard not to hear the details of everyone’s conversations, but here either everyone is much quieter, less friendly, or in much more of a hurry. Knowing Adelaide as I do, probably the latter.


Another day walking through London. I’m starting to worry that perhaps two months won’t be enough to see everything here, let alone branching out further which is clearly what we are planning. Went to see the music shops around today, and there really are some nice ones. Not in terms of range, rather in the way that finding a good instrument comes as a sort of pleasant surprise, and they seem to be very cheap and nice. I must make a note to look up ‘Vintage’ brand guitars when I get home, because I’d previously never heard of them and they seem to make excellent copies of Fender and Gibson guitars. Better than those brands themselves, and cheaper.


I’m afraid nothing of particular note happened elsewise. I did briefly stand next to Stephen Merchant while waiting for a green light at a crosswalk.


Oh, and we had our first England gig. Brilliant. Can’t honestly say I was really in the mood for it, or for anything really, but I suppose everything went almost as well as it could have, all things considered. There were, of course, a multitude of problems to overcome. We weren’t set up as soon as we might have been, because nobody thought to tell us we were headlining the gig (and because as a result of this, we disappeared to explore, and found a nice military surplus store), we had to cadge amps and drums because the only equipment we had was two guitars and a bass, I hadn’t thought to buy an adapter for my Australian power supply, and the band who were on immediately before us hadn’t been on the bill and decimated our audience.


The venue was The Good Ship, and was quite nice, I suppose. The music had more of a progressive nature than I was expecting, much more than Adelaide, but it was a sort of repetitive, noisy kind of ‘progressive’ music. I can’t say I thought much of any of the bands against those I know and have seen in Adelaide, but it was certainly different. Ordinarily that would have made it interesting, but not this time. Not this time…


I suppose we went down okay. A lot of people had left during the previous band (dammit), but those who stayed seemed to enjoy it okay.        


And finally, it turns out that it is apparently quite easy to sneak on and off of the tube without paying. Not really a story there, but there you go.


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