Home » Band Stuff » Band Diary: London » 06/11/2010


A lazy day in. Nothing makes you appreciate the things to see in a new country more than not seeing them. Pubs around here are quiet in the day, much like in Adelaide, and food is not inexpensive, which brings me to one of my favourite things so far. I love English money, and not just in the same way that I like all money, but in the way that the shapes and weights of the coins just feel right to me. It brings to my mind images of some bent-backed graying, balding and ham-fisted designer of coins who got to Australia last and lumped us with a 2 dollar coin smaller than its half-worth counterpart. The composition of the metal itself isn’t important to me, I want to see how much more my money is worth. To this end, I have been, so far, unwilling to spend much, except to break my notes so I could get some coins to look at.

We decided to venture into town to check out what was going on for Guy-Fawkes night. Very little as it turns out, but we did get a nice look at London in the pouring rain despite the irritatingly persistent warm and sticky weather. I also realized today that I left my camera at home, so I’ve been edging into other peoples photos to make up for it.

So far, Jet lag isn’t a huge problem, but it has thrown us all off by a few hours, meaning we get up at around six or seven, and sleep at whatever point in the night we lose the ability to keep ourselves from not sleeping. Weird.


The unfriendly cat has been holed up under one or the other of the beds for days now. Its eyes seem to follow things which aren’t in the room. We worry.


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