Home » Band Stuff » Band Diary: London » 04/11/2010


Can there be a worse omen than a cat breaking through a sturdy, locked catflap to get away from the new tenants, and then attempting to jump from a 3rd story balcony to avoid going inside with them again? If so, we haven’t experienced the worst possible omen. One of the two cats is perfectly an excellent pet, the other has spent twelve hours today hiding under a bed after having realized we aren’t going to let it kill itself. The flat reminds me very much of Australia because so far we haven’t managed to work out how to turn off the heating (despite having tried setting every switch in the house to off), so we are stuck constantly at a balmy 28 degrees.


The layout of London surprises me. None of the landmarks can be seen from any of the others, but you’ve only to turn any corner to be presented with another one. It’s almost as if someone wanted to pack the highest concentration of landmarks into a few streets, but retain the surprise factor every time a new one came up. There doesn’t seem to be enough distance between everything, and I feel like I’ve seen every square inch on TV. We have a great view of the Eye from our flat. Well, Lucy and Tina have a great view of the eye from their room of our flat. Tasman and I have a poor view of a brick wall from ours. It’s okay though, because we don’t really need a good look at a brick wall anyway.


The apathy which surrounds the workers at Tescos is literally incredible, The people here look at me funny, there is an odd abundance of porn channels, including one which runs parallel to childrens morning shows, and Big Ben is quite nice. In fact, very nice indeed. 


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